3M™ Rubber Sanding Block

3M™ Rubber Sanding Block



3M™ Rubber Sanding Block provides a firm attachment for sanding jobs that demand a hands on approach. The tough rubber material evenly applies pressure to the sanding surface, while the rounded design provides a comfortable grip to help reduce user fatigue.

Simple Precision at Your Fingertips
3M™ Rubber Sanding Block helps you get that personal touch with 3M™ abrasive sandpapers (PDF, 16.51 Mb). Designed to accommodate sheets that are cut at varying lengths, this pad features an easy to use clip-on attachment system, which makes changing or replacing sheets simple. This firm pad helps to distribute finger pressure evenly, and the high quality materials resist long term wear and tear.

Useful Wet or Dry
The high quality design of the 3M™ Rubber Sanding Block also allows users to work even in damp situations with any waterproof abrasive sheets. These products are backed with a proprietary durable waterproof paper backing that supports both wet and dry applications.

  • Firmly holds sandpaper for hand sanding during wet or dry operations
  • Available in both 8 inch and 5 inch lengths to accommodate different projects
  • Tough rubber material provides even support across the surface of the attached abrasive
  • Curved design comfortably fits hands, allowing for even application