Hillman Group Galvanized Hex Lag Screw

Hillman Group Galvanized Hex Lag Screw

Hillman Group


Manufactured to be extremely sturdy, lag screws are some of the toughest fasteners. Galvanized hex lag screws provide superior weather and corrosion protection, making them ideal for outdoor projects.


  • MULTI-MATERIAL FUNCTION: Designed to attach objects to wood and anchoring masonry
  • RUST-RESISTANT FINISH: Galvanized finish offers best-in-class protection against rust
  • COARSE SCREW THREAD: Designed to prevent splitting or snapping in pre-drilled material
  • EXTERNAL HEX DRIVE: Offers controlled traction with a socket or wrench
  • PRE-DRILLING RECOMMENDED: For installation, drill a hole in the material that matches the diameter of the bolt
  • One (1) C-Pak per sellable unit
  • 50 pieces per retail package